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Immigration can be a difficult and nerve-racking procedure for families and individuals. The laws overseeing admittance into the United States and how long you can stay, what you can do, and who and what can be brought into the country can be confusing as well. Whether you are trying to enter the U.S. or remain in the country, if you are facing an immigration problem, it is important that you work with an attorney like Chris Colavecchio.

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At our firm, we have more than Twenty Years of experience assisting our clients in reaching favorable results for their cases. If you have questions or problems concerning immigration and how our staff can help, please do not hesitate to contact a Nashville immigration law attorney at The Colavecchio & Colavecchio Law Office immediately. We can assist you with any of the following:


In the United States, refugees can apply for asylum in order to avoid persecution in their home country. The U.S. grants asylum to refugees who have been persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality, political opinions, and membership in a particular social group.

Naturalization and Citizenship

Many people have the lifelong desire of becoming a United States citizen. With the assistance of Chris Colavecchio, you can become a naturalized citizen and get citizenship.

Deportation Defense

Are you being scared with deportation? Our team can help defend you! Call our firm now to speak with an Austin immigration attorney.

Detained by ICE

If you are an immigrant and have committed an aggravated felony or a crime of moral turpitude you may be at risk for detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Immigration and Criminal Law Cases

Being charged with a criminal offense as an immigrant can mean that you are not only facing criminal charges, but also the risk of deportation from the United States. You need an experienced attorney to defend you.

Types of Visas

Whether you are visiting the United States on a temporary basis, or plan to move permanently, you will need a visa. We can assist you in obtaining one.

Waivers of Inadmissibility

A person not eligible to be admitted into the United States or to adjust her status may obtain lawful admission by filing an application for waiver of the grounds of inadmissibility.

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At Colavecchio and Colavecchio Law Office, we prepared and willing to assist you in your immigration case. This time in your life can be crucial and the next steps you take may mean the difference in between acquiring the correct visas to enter or stay in the United States and the risk of being sent back to your home country. If you have questions or concerns about your distinct situation, do not be reluctant to contact Chris Colavecchio today to speak with a Nashville immigration lawyer and to set up a case evaluation as early as possible.